Welcome to Vallreg!


To log in for the first time, click Log in in the menu, and choose Reset your password. This may look a bit different depending on if you are on mobile or at your computer.
Type in your membership number or your email address (be careful to use the email address you have already used earlier in the system).
You should soon receive an email from Vallreg with instructions.
If you do not get one, it may depend on several things:

- has the email ended up in your spam folder?
- have you typed the correct email address?
- if you typed your membership number, did you enter the correct one? Try using your email address instead.
- have you paid the membership fee for this year?

If all of the above is correct and you still have not received an email, write to vallreg@svak.se and we will help you.

Apply to a race
To apply you and your dog to a race you first have to add your dog as an active dog.
Go to "My account" and the tab "Edit personal details" - scroll down to "active dogs".
Fill in the name or registration number of a dog you would like to add and they show up as a suggestion, mark it and save.
You can also add dogs you do not own if you are making an application for someone else.
To remove a dog, select the name, erase it, and save.

You can find manuals on the first page of the website for Svenska Vallhundsklubben (www.svak.se). There is a link in the news entry Nya Vallreg from 27 april 2023.

Best regards, the Vallreg group (vallreg@svak.se)